Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thur. Towers

So.... Sitting here after a good run/hike up Towers road out in the open space.
Start: 6:00AM
Gear: Bottle, hip pack,
Felt: Hard. Ran harder then I wanted to for the first half. Foot hurt so that was a bummer. HR was avg. 157 high was 175 that's high for me. I ran down kinda hard but the road was soft from having just been graded.
Eats: had one GU Reactor after I got back to the parking lot.
Time: 46 min. to the top. Didn't time the down.

Got some advice from Pete on the course. Run the first 1/3 at 140ish then make up all the time in the last 1/3 of the race! Good to know this kinda stuff. So strange to be doing a race! It's interesting to run with a group. It seems more natural to get out early on a week day to run/bike than to climb. It's just simple to get out and go. Nice to get the day going feeling like you've already got some miles under your belt.

So yesterday I made a cool little bench seat for the mud room. It was very easy because I had the air compressor and nail gun. I also made some crude shelves for the garage mainly junk drawers. Life is always better with more organization.

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