Friday, August 14, 2009

foot funk

so... foot funk sucks. I'm having some kinda problem with my right foot. I hit a rock hard coming down from mt shasta and ever since then it's been fucked up. Not that (if any) pain. It's more the feeling that I'll screw it up big time if I do go back to normal activity level.

Like a bone head I had a Doc appointment but canceled it at the last minute. I am definitly bumming about it. Mostly I'd just like to be out there getting to do more outdoors before school starts for the semester. Did a hill run thur. am and feel a little sore but mostly i'm jus scared about my foot being messed up.

I'm taking all kinds of vitamins and trying to eat healthy so i can give my body the best chance to heal. I really want to get out and do a short run tomorrow and a long run on sunday, but i think i'll end up sitting on my ass with the hopes that my foot will be ~100% with a few days of rest.

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