Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 goalish type things (sports wise)

Well I'd like to lay out some goals for this year.
1)Current pr on towers is 38:13 I'd like to get that down to 36 by June.
2)I want to run the boulder 4 peak traverse. I've only done the 3 peak a few times but never crossed over and tagged flagstaff.
3)I want to run the 50K in eugene if i get picked in the l0to!
4) ride 66 mile mountain bike route.
5) run a 10 hour 50 mile at squamish
6) do the mt meeker bike and hike
7) do a flatiron bike and hike maybe seal rock or something?
8) climb mainliner, pear butt and fri. 13th at the woo.
9) bench press my body weight (165)
10) road ride 100 miles
11) mtb up towers in 35 minutes

Goalish type things that i've already done this year:
1) ran the double dipsea
2) ran muir headlands trail
3) biked mt tam!
4) biked bolinas ridge

Edit: Sept 26, 2012
-Ran Mckenzie river 50k in Eugene 5:23
-Road 60+ mile mbt route
-Ran 15 mile squamish instead of 50 2:18 or something?
-Didn't bench press my body weight
-Climbed the Grand wall on the Squamish chief
-Many smaller missions here in BC and many more to come.

Friday, January 6, 2012


This year saw the normal few trips to California with the extra bonus of spending two and a half months there doing field work, which took me from the mexican border to Oregon and back again!
For me it was extra special to get to really fill in the gaps with remote and wild areas in the Sierra that I've wanted to get to for a while now. I can safely say that I've seen California; from So Cal urban craziness to Sierra Nevada alpine bliss and every nook and cranny in between. Highlights have to be milsap bar, rubicon river, Middle fork Tule, coastal waterfalls north of san louis obispo, Deep creek in the northern Klamath, Jefferson SP redwoods & Trinity alps, all the area's around Marin, Magee-rock creeks, mill creek/whitewater and last but not least Cuyamaca SP for it's perfect blend of desert oasis and mountain feel.

The strange thing is...after almost 20 years of roaming around California I'm just as excited as I ever was to get out there and experience it again and again.