Friday, November 16, 2007

Drionic for Sweaty hands

The most amazing thing that I've started to use this year has to be the Drionic device. It stops excessive hand sweating with few side effects. I works by running an electrical current from one aluminum pad to the other using your hand as the circuit. Since your fingers are in a small amount of tap water the minerals in that water get pulled or attracted to the current and go along for the ride through your pores/hands to the other aluminum pad that your palm is pressed against. The minerals are to big to fit where the electrical current is going and they get stuck in the sweat pores!

Now that's not the Science way of explaining it but it's just about what happens. The result is after about a week of doing this for 30 minutes a night you've got much dryer hands. Then after that you can do it every other day or so depending on your personal sweating. For people that don't have overly active sweat glads this device would do nothing more than over dry your hands and have them cracking in a day or two. People with "normal" hands will never understand and who cares if they do. But, if you suffer from sweaty hands and I'm not talking it's hot out side and oh, my hands are sweaty, but real sweaty hands all the time effects my life cause I leave a hand print on everything I touch kinda sweaty hand than get the Drionic. You will be very happy with your investment. Now the tip section of my post. If you want to spend the money to stop your hands from sweating so much but don't want to go to the poor house maintaining it, here's the ticket! The devices come with special batteries that you can only get from Drionic, however you can modify all the parts and even add plugs to the devices so you'll be able to save a ton. Check out this site

Oh yeah, it works on your feet too. I have used it for this and on me it seemed to act faster on my feet, which is not intuitive (foot skin is a lot thicker then hand skin) but yes it does work very well on the feet is you've got extremely sweaty feet as well.

I new it was time for me to do something about this when I was on a flight back home to see the folks and I had my hand on my pants leg as we landed and after I stood up and walked off the plane I had a mark from the sweat on my pant leg. I no that much can be said about the nerves and sweating, but "normal" and way overboard are two very different world to live in when your problem makes you look like an ass. Why suffer when science has come up with something that's safe, fast and easy to use.

Happy dry hands!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This image is the emptiness that we get when we buy things we think we need. I'm as guilty as the next resident of the United states, yet I feel like most of my fellow citizens don't see things this way. I agree with those who say we have 30-50 years left of this 1st world living we have in the US and Europe. Some of the stats are overwhelming. We buy double the clothes now than we did just 10 years ago. We buy twice as much furniture than we did just 7 years ago. We are buying our selves out of a planet that can sustain life. I can see it now we're all fat and happy in our over furnished homes with closets full as our earth becomes a dust ball.

I lived for many years on the $10 a day rule. I would do my best to spend no more than $10 each day, and only if I saved a little from the day before would I even consider spending over that. Of course i spent more some days but it was a happy life, that left me fulfilled and didn't do much harm on the planet. I've in no way fooled my self that I could do that now, however I do carry some of those pennie pinching thoughts will me day to day. I never have had much desire to live a lavish lifestyle. I hold dear not one thing I've ever bought, but I can remember clearly the days my wife and I spent falling in love. Those firsts that continue even now are what fill me. Nothing I ever buy will come close to life's experiences, joys and sorrows.

Change has got to come.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


butterfly almost... We had some chicken and potatoes last night for dinner. I grilled them up and it was a delightful meal. I also had some onions and one hot green pepper I threw on there. This is what I found in the pepper after we had both eaten some of it!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The little things

So, here we are with a wine bottle cork on my desk. I took this a few hours ago as I was getting my morning off to a good start. I started with a little dish duty and procedded to eat a bowl of cerrial with yogurt and have a cup of very strong coffee. Now, I know this all seams so not related to a wine bottle cork, however the image of the cork was waiting in the wings. so to speak. Waiting in the wings of my mind. I had the idea that I wanted to reuse them for something that I'd seen in a picture where they had takken all these wine bottle corks and glued them to a board and made a peg board type thing. I was cool, but I didn't want to go that far cause I'm afraid people would get the wrong idea when they came to our house and saw this huge number of wine bottle corks! A couple wineo's live here, a? So that's the idea that bounced around in my head and caused me to post this image of the wine cork today.

I'm getting information about guiding right now. Something I've always wanted to do, but for a host of reasons didn't. But, if my life has proven nothing it's proven that it's never to late to start. So I've contacted a local guide Jeff Fassett to see if he'll give me any helpful info and I'm checking in to the required certificates and certifications. I've enrolled in a Wilderness Frist Responder Course starting in Jan. in Fort Collins. I think i would love guiding all kinds of outdoor things. Snowshoeing, skiing, rockclimbing, ice climbing or even just hiking.
**I mean come on who wouldn't like to spend as much time as they could in places like this doing that!***

Ok, Many people would not want to do that, however I think it's a promising field with a lot of potential for growth. Maybe not rocking climbing, but hiking and skiing and snowshoeing those areas are sure to explode with all the boomers moving west as they retire. Who knows? It's a field that I can say I really wouldn't mind going to work every day to do. So, like my mom always said, "find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life". Sound's good to me.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Fort Fun

We found our selves in Fort Collins this weekend for a little house hunting. We found two types of homes for rent. Nice well kept more expensive rentals and rundown student crap homes. We did find an area near campus we like and a house for rent there. It was a little touch and go with regards to the cats. For some reason dogs are ok in nicer rentetals and cats are not. We upped the deposit to calm the landlords fears about cats and now have a place to stay in Fort Collins. Our lease starts in Dec. and ends July 31st with the hope that we'll be shopping for homes then.
This photo is from our 2nd day of house hunting. It's an area near campus that was a little to expensive for us. The trees in Fort Collins give the town a wonderful feel. We've walked around a lot in the last few days and it doesn't feel like you're in a city at all. I'm excited about the lifestyle we'll be apart of here. By life style I mean coffee drinking, eco thinking, healthy living run of the mill Rockie mountain college town living lifestyle.

I'm posting this from a coffee shop called the alley cat just north of CSU. One funny thing I've seen here is the guy working keeps getting calls for people. By that I mean folks call the alley cat and say, "hi, is joe shmoe my best buddy there?" Then he goes around asking for joe. Goes back to the phone says, "no, joe Shmoe isn't here". and now this has happened a few times, and i'm stating to wonder if this is a small town or what? The phone is ringing again, I wonder if... Ok no it's not another person looking for someone. The one thing that adds to the entertainment of the whole sceen is, when they answer the phone they say, "alley cat, Meow!"

I had an americano this morning and it was good and strong. So far I'd say Amy and I feel very at home here in Fort Collins. Sadly we'll have to return to Tucson for a few more weeks of heat and that dry dry desert.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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