Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This image is the emptiness that we get when we buy things we think we need. I'm as guilty as the next resident of the United states, yet I feel like most of my fellow citizens don't see things this way. I agree with those who say we have 30-50 years left of this 1st world living we have in the US and Europe. Some of the stats are overwhelming. We buy double the clothes now than we did just 10 years ago. We buy twice as much furniture than we did just 7 years ago. We are buying our selves out of a planet that can sustain life. I can see it now we're all fat and happy in our over furnished homes with closets full as our earth becomes a dust ball.

I lived for many years on the $10 a day rule. I would do my best to spend no more than $10 each day, and only if I saved a little from the day before would I even consider spending over that. Of course i spent more some days but it was a happy life, that left me fulfilled and didn't do much harm on the planet. I've in no way fooled my self that I could do that now, however I do carry some of those pennie pinching thoughts will me day to day. I never have had much desire to live a lavish lifestyle. I hold dear not one thing I've ever bought, but I can remember clearly the days my wife and I spent falling in love. Those firsts that continue even now are what fill me. Nothing I ever buy will come close to life's experiences, joys and sorrows.

Change has got to come.

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