Monday, November 5, 2007

Fort Fun

We found our selves in Fort Collins this weekend for a little house hunting. We found two types of homes for rent. Nice well kept more expensive rentals and rundown student crap homes. We did find an area near campus we like and a house for rent there. It was a little touch and go with regards to the cats. For some reason dogs are ok in nicer rentetals and cats are not. We upped the deposit to calm the landlords fears about cats and now have a place to stay in Fort Collins. Our lease starts in Dec. and ends July 31st with the hope that we'll be shopping for homes then.
This photo is from our 2nd day of house hunting. It's an area near campus that was a little to expensive for us. The trees in Fort Collins give the town a wonderful feel. We've walked around a lot in the last few days and it doesn't feel like you're in a city at all. I'm excited about the lifestyle we'll be apart of here. By life style I mean coffee drinking, eco thinking, healthy living run of the mill Rockie mountain college town living lifestyle.

I'm posting this from a coffee shop called the alley cat just north of CSU. One funny thing I've seen here is the guy working keeps getting calls for people. By that I mean folks call the alley cat and say, "hi, is joe shmoe my best buddy there?" Then he goes around asking for joe. Goes back to the phone says, "no, joe Shmoe isn't here". and now this has happened a few times, and i'm stating to wonder if this is a small town or what? The phone is ringing again, I wonder if... Ok no it's not another person looking for someone. The one thing that adds to the entertainment of the whole sceen is, when they answer the phone they say, "alley cat, Meow!"

I had an americano this morning and it was good and strong. So far I'd say Amy and I feel very at home here in Fort Collins. Sadly we'll have to return to Tucson for a few more weeks of heat and that dry dry desert.

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