Thursday, September 10, 2009

towers w blister

did towers this morning was a really nice morning starting to get a little chill. did it in 42 min not bad kinda held back so that was nice to get a good time and have a litte in the tannk.

I had water bottle and tincture of benzine and spyroflex on the heel so that worked. we'll see i= it works for this wekends long run. also just had a power gel for B-fast and that seemed fine. no real energy flux that i felt.

a few other folks on the trail so that was nice to see people out there kicking butt. pete and vic where out there and it was fun.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


ran towers this morning. it was fine on the way up just a little up set gut. I got to the top in 42 min. had one GU on the away down and a few bites of a power bar at the TH. then ran back up. went to alittle before spring creek turn off. these new shoes gave me a blister on my right heel!!! I slapped on some spyro flex and ran down. had another Gel on the way down an more gatorade. total 44oz of gatorade on the run with some water at the TH in between. I went for a little soak in the res after to cool the legs and felt fine.
din't have an HR monitor on and was fine with that. I was in zone 3 for most of the 1st lap and zone 2 for 2nd.

Blisters on the R heel are adding up. also i have some gut issue right now that I'm not sure what it was from maybe last nights mexican? I'm trying to feel for anything in my legs that might cause trouble but so far i'm just stretching and iceing and trying to warm up and cool down. Not sure what i'll do this weekend. mostly want to get out and rock climb.