Thursday, March 25, 2010

starting out...

So ran a little today ~6 miles... few this morning then some weight lifting then the social run tonight with burgers an beers at alex's after. Fun group and great time after hanging out. We ran down spring creek and had a good time.

I'm really feeling the affects of lifting and think that it's going to be a reg. part of my training. It's so nice to run in the evening with sun light.

I'm wondering about races this summer.... i'm signed up for the bighorn 50 and kinda think I want to run the speed goat over in UT. But, I'm also thinking I'd like to just do my own runs like one from yoesmite valley to mono lake! That seems like heaven. Also like to run pikes, Longs, glacier gorge traverse... So many. We'll see. Running races is kinda fun, but I just think that the adventure and freedom parts of it go a long way for me and what I want out of running in the mtns.

I have to say the weather while we've lived in co has sucked. Hey, at least we live in CO and not somewhere without mtns. so a little bo-hue....

I am excited about not taking summer classes. That;s huge for me. I didn't really know how much that was affecting me, but it was.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


as you can see from the gaps in here i've been having a little problem running this winter...but, hey it's winter. really the best time to run? no. But, I like to run so I've been trying. I'm having sore knees so this past 2 weeks i've been doing lots of strength and stretch stuff to try and get these legs happy. I'm looking out our big front window now at heavy wet snow coming down... supposed to be 8" when it's all done wed. night. no shit that sucks. I agree. but hey we do live at 5,000 on the edge of a huge mountain range? what do you expect? We're in a cycle of colder/wetter/nastiness weather just like last year.

I'm up for one 50 miler in june and that'll be interasting cause i'm wanting to get out to cali and climb half dome the week before? maybe not the best plan? We'll see.

OK Ok enough of this back to studying. goal for this week. run ~15 mails pain free and ski on fri.