Monday, August 31, 2009

Sat run 23 miles

This past weekends run was 23.2 miles on bs and it wen well.

Time: 4:19 total
HR: 145 avg.
Alt: 2400'
Miles: 23ish

I learned that I want to use just one bottle during the race and only a small hip pack. I had a big hip pack on with a full water bottle in it and felt it messed up my balance. Ate pizza after ~1:50 of running and could have eaten more think that more would have been great after another 2 hours.

Gu's 4 would have liked more?
Food: 2 pizza small bigger would be nice
Gatorade: 1 20 oz bottle. More much more
need more salt.

Used one pad of spro flex mostly as a precaution on my right heel that had a blister that's been healing.

Felt some tightness in my iT bands around my knees after ~11 miles. went away with some straching and faster running.

Felt fine at the end, wondering if/how to get the most out of my run.

Iced after and loved it.

Sun did a fast 3/4 mile run and then had a salt bath after and felt fine. want to add some fast work into my workouts.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

easy city run

did a very casual run on spring creek yesterday. 1:28 about 10 miles.
had bottle
Gu and no HR monitor

Didn't drink all the water and didn't use the GU.

Monday, August 24, 2009

blue sky 50k first 15 miles

went out this morning to se how my legs felt after doing longs bike n hike on sat.

Went out with the idea that i'd just go up towers to spring creek then down that back to the TH. I brought 2 GUs and 22oz of water in a hand bottle. I had my cell phone and hip pack that's it.

I'd eatten a big bowl of granola and life with milk and taken my vit/omega 3 pills ~25 min before leaving the TH. I ondered how i would do eating so close to start time.

I ran walked to warm up on the way to towers and felt a little heavy. Got to towers and just walked/joged to keep my HR at about 150. that was the goal just see how that went. I felt fine mostly walkking. I ate my first GU at herrington cut off and started to jog more up there cause it's so much flatter. Hit the spring creek cut off sooner than I thought i would at 42:30 and was suprized by how nice the trail was. A few parts down in the vcreek with poison ivy but really not to bad a trail can definitly run a good clip on it. I ate my 2nd GU at about mile 5 after leaving spring creek and coming back around to stout trail. little more poison ivy there in some dranages but not to bad. mellow coming around the mountain. felt like one big left turn for some time. Felt fine with HR in the 140-150 range. hit towers and keepet going to finnish the 50k start. felt fine but that part of the trail is hard and i don't want to give to much on that part. Coming down and over to the TH was fine I was out of water and thinking wow i need some salts. I hit the TH and filled up and headed south with only 2 hand fulls of trail mix as my fuel for the ~5 miles out and back on the blue sky. the trail in the camp ground is fine but once you leave the unerpass it's UP HILL> i wasok with this but could ahve felt better wiht something bigger in my gut to help power me to the south. run back to the TH was fine and really felt down hill till you hit the hills inthe camp ground.

miles ~15
gain~? 2800?
HR:143 avg.
felt fine but man i really noticed the lac of food and salts.
would like to get food at the towers rd turn off befoer the start finnish line station. then blaze past that aid station.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

longs peak bike and hike

So yesterday I made my first attemt at riding to longs peak trail head, hiking up then climbing it via the north face.

I started riding at 1130 pm and everything went well. I had a GU an hour and moderate amount of water for the first ~20 miles of the ride.

For the second half of the ride i ate 4 slices of pizza, 1 snickers, 1 tiger milk bar, 3/4 bottles of gatorade, 2/3 quarts of water.

I think that things went well. I could have stashed a rope and gear somewhere.

on the hike up to longs i ate 1 gu an hour, had mostly water and a snickers, cliff bar, turkey sandwich, and felt fine with the food. my right foot was not feeling great after the climbing part of the day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So yesterday I didn't do much. Just a 30 min. walk to watch the sunset. I think we'll do a little run in the open space tonight but nothing crazy . I'm excited to do longs this weekend. I posted up on the truners forum to see if anyone wants to join me.

Legs feel ok. Foot feel ok. I hope my body is getting used to the wear and tear.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

spring creek run

so i went for a little slow run tonight.
AVG HR:130
H/L 150-86
1 GU
40 oz of water
Tall socks

Felt. Felt fine really had to hold back to run below 150. had a little blister on my heal that i wanted to keep happy so that was a super priority for me. Plus I wanted to stay mindful of my foot. Felt ok so that was ggood. I'm still felling sore so i wanted to get home and ice my legs ASAP and eat some protein right way. Gota get these legs to recover. I've been thinking about getiting somekind of drink that's suposed to help with recovery so I may be getting that in the near future.

Must remember listen to the body.


So I saw the foot doc today and was excited to hear I've got nice feet! Ha ha ha, no really he said that I've got high arches and I pronate to the max. Said I'm ok to get back to training so we'll see. I do have blisters i want to let heal a bit more before I get back to it.
I might go for a little walk tonight then a ride tomorrow. I'm getting really excited about bike & hike on longs this weekend! It's about 52 miles bike and ~16 mile hiking. Oh, then 52 mile biking home!

That'd be a fun thing to do right before school starts next week. We'll see.

have a goal. make it a big one.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Today I'm not as sore as I was yesterday!

I took an Epsom salt bath yesterday
multi vit, omega-3, that's it for pills.
today i only took the multi.
also, today i walked up towers just to get out and enjoy the view. Only went to about hte herrington cut off, have a few blisters that bugged me. Legs hurt a little.

I'm really excited about doing the Longs peak ride & hike soon. Just seems like it will be really cool. Speaking of cool it's been really cool here lately, just not like last summer.

School starts soon so that should be fun. I'm ready to get to know the people who I'll be going through the program with.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

bigish day

so today started with a 13 mile trail run on the blue sky. it took
was about 13.5 miles
avg. HR 146
gear: nf hip pack, 2 bottles one hand, 3 gu's, had spyroflex on my heel that had a blister.

The pace felt easy. That part of the trail is not flat. It rolls a lot and will not be a gime on race day. the indian summer loop was not bad at all. I do think that's a good part to make time on. really should not plan on making to much time from 5-2 miles togo.

Oh yeah, want to know what the biggest dip shit thing i've experinced in a while is? I went to buy my Larimer Country parks pass and give the park worker my credit card, ok 65 bucks ok. It's good for a year right? "um no" me: what? it's good from till Dec. Um you mean this pass is only good for 4 more months? yeah. What the fuck? I will be letting them know how dumb this is.

Friday, August 14, 2009

foot funk

so... foot funk sucks. I'm having some kinda problem with my right foot. I hit a rock hard coming down from mt shasta and ever since then it's been fucked up. Not that (if any) pain. It's more the feeling that I'll screw it up big time if I do go back to normal activity level.

Like a bone head I had a Doc appointment but canceled it at the last minute. I am definitly bumming about it. Mostly I'd just like to be out there getting to do more outdoors before school starts for the semester. Did a hill run thur. am and feel a little sore but mostly i'm jus scared about my foot being messed up.

I'm taking all kinds of vitamins and trying to eat healthy so i can give my body the best chance to heal. I really want to get out and do a short run tomorrow and a long run on sunday, but i think i'll end up sitting on my ass with the hopes that my foot will be ~100% with a few days of rest.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thur. Towers

So.... Sitting here after a good run/hike up Towers road out in the open space.
Start: 6:00AM
Gear: Bottle, hip pack,
Felt: Hard. Ran harder then I wanted to for the first half. Foot hurt so that was a bummer. HR was avg. 157 high was 175 that's high for me. I ran down kinda hard but the road was soft from having just been graded.
Eats: had one GU Reactor after I got back to the parking lot.
Time: 46 min. to the top. Didn't time the down.

Got some advice from Pete on the course. Run the first 1/3 at 140ish then make up all the time in the last 1/3 of the race! Good to know this kinda stuff. So strange to be doing a race! It's interesting to run with a group. It seems more natural to get out early on a week day to run/bike than to climb. It's just simple to get out and go. Nice to get the day going feeling like you've already got some miles under your belt.

So yesterday I made a cool little bench seat for the mud room. It was very easy because I had the air compressor and nail gun. I also made some crude shelves for the garage mainly junk drawers. Life is always better with more organization.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ran last night not sure how it felt. DId a 3.5 mile loop with a group of trail runners from FC. I just took it easy and the foot felt ok. I'm still trying to take it easy on my foot. I'd like to go out on the longish run on sunday to get to know the race trail better.

Lenght: 3.5 miles 600' of hill
Gear: hand water bottle, hip pack, 2 gels (none eaten), sunscreen stick, SSS.
Total time:49 min
HR Av:153
Felt: Quads a little sore, hiked up steeper hills and stayed with group!
Res ridge trail: rocky, fun