Sunday, August 16, 2009

bigish day

so today started with a 13 mile trail run on the blue sky. it took
was about 13.5 miles
avg. HR 146
gear: nf hip pack, 2 bottles one hand, 3 gu's, had spyroflex on my heel that had a blister.

The pace felt easy. That part of the trail is not flat. It rolls a lot and will not be a gime on race day. the indian summer loop was not bad at all. I do think that's a good part to make time on. really should not plan on making to much time from 5-2 miles togo.

Oh yeah, want to know what the biggest dip shit thing i've experinced in a while is? I went to buy my Larimer Country parks pass and give the park worker my credit card, ok 65 bucks ok. It's good for a year right? "um no" me: what? it's good from till Dec. Um you mean this pass is only good for 4 more months? yeah. What the fuck? I will be letting them know how dumb this is.

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