Monday, August 24, 2009

blue sky 50k first 15 miles

went out this morning to se how my legs felt after doing longs bike n hike on sat.

Went out with the idea that i'd just go up towers to spring creek then down that back to the TH. I brought 2 GUs and 22oz of water in a hand bottle. I had my cell phone and hip pack that's it.

I'd eatten a big bowl of granola and life with milk and taken my vit/omega 3 pills ~25 min before leaving the TH. I ondered how i would do eating so close to start time.

I ran walked to warm up on the way to towers and felt a little heavy. Got to towers and just walked/joged to keep my HR at about 150. that was the goal just see how that went. I felt fine mostly walkking. I ate my first GU at herrington cut off and started to jog more up there cause it's so much flatter. Hit the spring creek cut off sooner than I thought i would at 42:30 and was suprized by how nice the trail was. A few parts down in the vcreek with poison ivy but really not to bad a trail can definitly run a good clip on it. I ate my 2nd GU at about mile 5 after leaving spring creek and coming back around to stout trail. little more poison ivy there in some dranages but not to bad. mellow coming around the mountain. felt like one big left turn for some time. Felt fine with HR in the 140-150 range. hit towers and keepet going to finnish the 50k start. felt fine but that part of the trail is hard and i don't want to give to much on that part. Coming down and over to the TH was fine I was out of water and thinking wow i need some salts. I hit the TH and filled up and headed south with only 2 hand fulls of trail mix as my fuel for the ~5 miles out and back on the blue sky. the trail in the camp ground is fine but once you leave the unerpass it's UP HILL> i wasok with this but could ahve felt better wiht something bigger in my gut to help power me to the south. run back to the TH was fine and really felt down hill till you hit the hills inthe camp ground.

miles ~15
gain~? 2800?
HR:143 avg.
felt fine but man i really noticed the lac of food and salts.
would like to get food at the towers rd turn off befoer the start finnish line station. then blaze past that aid station.

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