Saturday, August 22, 2009

longs peak bike and hike

So yesterday I made my first attemt at riding to longs peak trail head, hiking up then climbing it via the north face.

I started riding at 1130 pm and everything went well. I had a GU an hour and moderate amount of water for the first ~20 miles of the ride.

For the second half of the ride i ate 4 slices of pizza, 1 snickers, 1 tiger milk bar, 3/4 bottles of gatorade, 2/3 quarts of water.

I think that things went well. I could have stashed a rope and gear somewhere.

on the hike up to longs i ate 1 gu an hour, had mostly water and a snickers, cliff bar, turkey sandwich, and felt fine with the food. my right foot was not feeling great after the climbing part of the day.

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