Monday, August 31, 2009

Sat run 23 miles

This past weekends run was 23.2 miles on bs and it wen well.

Time: 4:19 total
HR: 145 avg.
Alt: 2400'
Miles: 23ish

I learned that I want to use just one bottle during the race and only a small hip pack. I had a big hip pack on with a full water bottle in it and felt it messed up my balance. Ate pizza after ~1:50 of running and could have eaten more think that more would have been great after another 2 hours.

Gu's 4 would have liked more?
Food: 2 pizza small bigger would be nice
Gatorade: 1 20 oz bottle. More much more
need more salt.

Used one pad of spro flex mostly as a precaution on my right heel that had a blister that's been healing.

Felt some tightness in my iT bands around my knees after ~11 miles. went away with some straching and faster running.

Felt fine at the end, wondering if/how to get the most out of my run.

Iced after and loved it.

Sun did a fast 3/4 mile run and then had a salt bath after and felt fine. want to add some fast work into my workouts.

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