Wednesday, March 2, 2011

getting back at it.

Well spring is on it's way here in CO. Sure we'll get some 12" dumps of snow but most likly we are looking at warmer and warmer days.

I'm looking forward to getting out and running and climbing more. Mostly I'd like to climb more this summer. Last year no days at lumpy ridge! that's just not acceptable. I've been getting my legs under me these last few weeks and am getting to the bouldering gym to see about arm strength. I need to hit that a few times a week because right now i'm sore after just an hour of bouldering.

I'd like to hit the trails 2 a week and boulder 2 a week for the spring. I'm thinking about a few 50k's but mainly I'd like to run some historic trails no matter what. Run some parts of western states, some yose trails that I've hiked a bunch. Tetons, some in seattle area. We'll see . right now just getting a good base is the goal.

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