Saturday, August 14, 2010

Schools back

It's about that time again to head back to school after a very fast summer break. It went fast because of the field work to start and the house work and travel to cap it all off here in Aug. We have made great strides with the house and it is nice to have those things done. Only going to do a few small projects and the Radon system before we call it quits for this summer. What a difference a few little changes can make.... having the shed seems to have changed the whole garage. Having the sliding door is the most amazing change this year for sure. It was a worth while thing to prioritize. The fence just changed the whole house for the better. Well worth every penny and every drop of sweat and blood. It will pay for it's self 2 times over.

School is....well, school. It's about 7 months of classes left and I'm going to try to commit much more this year than last. Really try to stay and get all that I need to out of every class and clinical.

As for running and climbing and outdoors things.... that's kinda on the back burner for the next 7 months. It's just the way it is. Bummed about it? yes, but this is part of growing up and taking care of something that I just never could have done in the past. Gota have those letters after your name. This is just my turn.

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