Friday, June 11, 2010

big horn 50 training.

so this training for my first race of the summer has been going ok .. i'm feeling a bit untrained and by most standards I am. I did my long run a week ago and it was a 30 miler so it had all that I think I needed in a long run. I did it at a little bit of altitude so that might help too. I've been doing little 2/3 mile runs these last few days and feel ok about it. Folks are talking about seeing LOTS of rattle snakes on the low trails here in FC this summer so I'm going to try and run up a little higher as much as i can. I really want to run round mountain soon. I think that it'll be a great hill climb to tak the place of towwers while it's hotter and snaky down here.

I'm looking forward to running in Wy a few times b/f the race on fri. It's going to be cool to see this new part of the contry and meet other runners and adventures souls.

My main goals for the summer are:
-yosemite valley to mono lake
-grand canyon of the twolome to white wolf.
-Longs peak double
-Longs peak bike n hike
-climb 3 routes at lumpy.
-run around lumpy
-run in the pc northwest.

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