Friday, May 7, 2010


OK OK OK it's time to think about being outside again...ok, well I think about it all the time. Just in Cali not here in CO. But, I digress. Ran the towers road time trial last night for the first time and got 40:44. best for me I think. I did it with poles and not sure how much of a diff that made. I was in a bad way from the last few weeks of school keeping me in high stress low health kinda way. the diet has been abysmal and oh well it's olmost over for this year so....

to the out of door i go! It was a great group with all kinds of folks i'd never met. I pushed hard and oh man I felt like crap at the top. just felt discomfort in my chest and sick in my belli... but that's OK I guess cause feeling is better than not feeling at all. Being out there was nice it was cloudy and a little but of snow/rain (like 4 drops) came down. We all got to the top and then headed down. Some got there in bettershape than others Nick joged in with a new PR and pete walked it in like 36! Really crazy how this stuff works.. funny that I've been feeling better on the long runs that I've done the last few weekends but then got my butt kicked on towers thur. I'm going ot make my new goal for this season 38:00 min! That's a lot lower than 40:00 but since I've got 44 sec. to get 40 I think wwhat the heck?

Looking forawd to geting to put the last bit of fence in coming up ther in the next week then making some of the other little changes to the house to make it a more amazing place for us.. going to ty and bring back a little more Kreativity to the mix this year think that helps to have in my world anyway, just the way i see the world and no use hiding it if its in there anyway!

Happy day sad day .. who can say ... get out there and find out..

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