Sunday, October 25, 2009

one week after

Went for a little 10 mile run this morning and it was a little creaky... My hip and knees are still a little sore.. I'm going to spend some time stretching and PTing this afternoon.

Back hurts and I've been eating way to much the last week for my need.

I read a little artical about alkline foods and the benifits of having more of them in your diet. Although I did just come home from my run and eat all the things it says not to>>> Wheat eggs sugar...

It's late fall/winter now and I'm interested to see how running goes in the cooler months. i've generaly fattened up at this time or year and gotten out of shape. I'm hoping to bring a little balance to my life and not let that happen this year or in years to come.

Oh, soreness in the house. Thinking about recovery and what I might try to help speed up that process (that's kinda what they say the more Base diet does... plus keeps you healthy longer)

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