Monday, October 12, 2009

50k last weekend

ok, so last weekend I ran my first race... it was great. I ran the bluesky 50k trail race and it was a blast. The idea and training for me started in June/July and I ran with the local FC trail running group. They played a huge roll in my readiness for the race. I learned a lot from all the members and gained a lot from training with them. The power of training with others can't be understated.

Race day:
I had a ear ache the week leading up to the race and on race day it was almost gone. I was very happy the my wife made it home just in time to be with me on race day. She helped me the most. I made a few errors I think in the race. I loaded up on to many sugary drinks early when i should have been drinking water every other fill up! I should have streached after the race! I know bad idea not to. My gut was hurting after the race I think from not drinking enough water. I felt sick for a few hours after. Hard to believe that it was just last weekend that I was out there running my first 50k. I'm in a little pain right now from runners knee in my left knee and I'm doing my best to get it into an ok place so I can run a 50 miler next weekend? We'll see.

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